Not For Everyone

This offer is by invitation only.

You are here because we researched the metrics of your website and said – this is a business we can help

We are not a good fit for all businesses, but lucky for both of us we are a good fit for yours.

You made an investment….

We can see that you have already made an investment in search engine optimization. We are NOT looking to replace your SEO company. Think of us as booster rockets. We take what has already been done and make it pay for you.

We see you spend $ on PPC

We know the most valuable traffic is from the organic results. We push your rankings up with our rapid ranking system and that saves you money on your PPC campaigns.

  • We make no changes to your website.

    Everything we do is called off page seo. So if you like your website look and design – you can keep it.

  • A rising tide lifts all boats.

    While we target your most important (expensive) keywords – the process we use has the effect of raising all of your keywords.

  • Page 2 sucks

    If your terms are not on page 1 – no one is going to see your listings. So while you still have money terms not on page 1 – we keep applying our secret sauce.

  • How do we do it?

    We increase your authority and rankings by using very high authority backlinks.

  • Will you show our SEO company how you do this?

    No. Our process is unique and gives us a competitve advantage.

  • What happens if we quit?

    Our process has monthly hard costs in addition to labor. When we stop paying those hard costs – your rankings will fade.

  • Are there any long term contracts?

    After the first 3 months (which is crazy inexpensive) we operate month to month. Quit anytime.

  • What can I expect?

    Two things:
    First – Significantly better rankings.

    Second – A report every two weeks that shows you the status of each and every keyword.

  • Do you offer a "buy out"

    Yes. If after one year you would like us to leave the current links in place and provide zero ongoing maintenance – we will do this for a nominal monthly fee based on our cost.

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Our Offer

We will keep in place what we have already done and expand on it for the next 3 months for $297

This gives you the opportunity to see the results long term. After that we are $497 a month.


What happens if I pass on this incredible offer?

No problem. We take down the rank boosting links we have created for you and point them to another customer.

However, if you change your mind at a later date – please bear in mind that we only do the two weeks of work for free once.

So you would be staarting over from scratch.